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I have been analysing processes and organisations for almost all of my working life. Initially as a consultant, and then later in companies in operational and line management functions.

My first few years of professional experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers have left an in­delible mark. My focus was improving financial processes and establishing efficiency pro­grammes in medium-sized enterprises. Time and again this involved restructuring and streamlining “ailing projects”. I gained experience in taking responsibility for the “opera­tional business” by working as a finance executive for various international business units of the Airbus Group.

I believe it is very important to adopt a structured procedure and complete projects in a methodical manner. I like conceptual work and a pragmatic execution, working together with all stakeholders. In my experience, this has less to do with the implementation of best practice but is more about achieving a best fit. In other words, it is all about implementing whatever fits in best with your company, your processes and your workforce.

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