Efficiency in processes and organisation

Making structures and processes more effective and implementing required trans­for­mations on a sustainable basis. Providing a management cockpit which enables you to control your company precisely and lets you measure your success easily. Implementing effective risk management and lean financial processes tailored to your company. Maximising your profit and cash potential.

In the role of Programme Manager or Finance Executive/CFO with line responsibility, I will help you to make your processes and organisation more efficient and to unlock hidden potential. I will take responsibility for management and results in medium-sized enterprises or at group level, both nationally and internationally.

I look forward to meeting you.
Yours Dirk-Oliver Votteler

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Typical client issues:

Stress test and performance enhancement

»Our company is facing some major challenges and we want to prepare it for the future by implementing an optimisation programme. A simulated stress test will show how our busi­ness reacts to sudden changes in circumstances. Organisation and processes will be tested. Actions to streamline the structure and reduce costs are also required. What we need is a professional programme manager who has successfully worked with similar issues, both as a line manager and also from a project management perspective. He should establish the projects methodically, supervise the various teams and work with the board members as an equal.«

Lean finance organisation during transformation

»We need to reorganise our finance organisation following a merger of business units. The current KPI system needs to be adapted. The planning and reporting processes must be re­vamped. The bid process should be harmonised and enhanced with examples of best prac­tice. In short: We want to improve our finance organisation and be able to meet our busi­ness partners on the best possible footing.«

»Focus on cash«

»Cash is king« – unfortunately this mantra is not firmly anchored in the heads of our man­agers. We also believe that there is plenty of potential for the improvement of our working capital and we want to increase our cash reserves. We are looking for a manager who has actual experience in the analysis of cash potential. Someone who can implement KPIs as well as execute concrete working capital improvement programmes together with our or­ganisation.«

Success factor project management

»We must manage our internal projects better – including efficient project management processes and, of course, functional project controlling. We are looking for a line manager for the first or second management level who has lots of experience in project business. Somebody with enough operational drive to bring our project managers up to speed and establish a project controlling system with them, which meets both the information needs of the company management team and the requirements of the workforce.«

Risk management: BEST FIT wanted

»The full range of potential operational risks should be applied to our financial situation as realistically as possible. We have already implemented a risk management system and the annual audit covers our internal control system. But we are uncertain whether our pro­cesses are efficient and whether we are really concentrating on the main issues. An experi­enced manager, who has implemented risk management systems in the past and has “on the job” experience, would be a great help to us.«

About me

I have been analysing processes and organisations for almost all of my working life. Initially as a consultant, and then later in companies in operational and line management functions …

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